Thursday, March 1, 2018

NeverLAN - Don't hate me

This Message just might make you crazy. Lets take a stroll through the cipher history time line

But first will need to open the zip! and I am not giving you the password! you will need to crack it. the only hint you get is its all lowercase letters 18char long

The second Cipher is a keyed cipher.... one of my favorite ciphers.

I will add hints slowly and those will be encrypted too!
You will need hints to solve So if you solve this with out hints we know you cheated :)

1.Solve this question was the turning point for our team. We were 502 points behind first place (hackem - 9875 points) and this question had two hints - one for 10 points and one for 100 points. We took the first hint (-10 points):

That Zip is password protected Im telling you that

With that, we could unzip the file and there was a ciphered code with dancing men.

2.This is from the book from Arthur Conan Doyle - The adventure of the dancing men. You can encode/decode using this tool:

Dancing Men Cipher

3.After that, we had a string with a polyalphabetic cipher. We got all members of our team trying to solve with different decoders, but what it worked was a vigenere key using NeverlanCtf as key.

Vigenére Ciphers

4.The next text had a big tip on how to solve the next puzzle.


In the end, you can see rotor I, etc… We solved using Cryptii

enigma was one of the hardest codes to crack thanks to alan turing and his team we now have tools to learn it your flag is alan turing madea machine 

Flag is alanturingmadeamachine

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