Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pragyan CTF - El33t Articles Hub

by Guilherme "k33r0k" Assmann

This challenge sent us to the following page:

alt text

After a few attempts at the index.php?file, I opened the source code of the index and I saw a file favicon.php?id=6, it seemed strange, so I changed the id by an X and I got something like that back:

No files named './favicons/x.png', './favicons/x.ico' or './favicons/x.php' found

So I decided to try to search for the index and it worked!

alt text

In the index there were two more files:

alt text

alt text

Looking at the helpers.php code, there was a file indicating the location of the flag: secret/flag_7258689d608c0e2e6a90c33c44409f9d.

We could not access this file since it is a txt and favicon.php does not accept txt files.

Going back to the index.php?file=:

alt text

It’s wrong…

Looking at the code more calmly, we can see that it is blocking php: and the file of the flag. We need to bypass however, by looking more closely at the helpers.php file, it is possible to see that it is being replaced ../ by and `./` by.

alt text

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